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Carpet Types

Flooring plays a very important role in interior design. It's one of the best ways to give your home a fresh new look. Choosing the right floor is an important decision...consider the amount of wear the floor will have from your family members, pets and visitors. Flooring is part of your environment and an expression of your personal style.


We stock a wide variety of floorings including natural fibres, pure wool and stain proof fibre carpets.


We also offer a custom dying service where a carpet of your desire can be custom made and dyed to your specific choice of colour. Additionally we offer a service where we can custom make rugs from virtually any carpet we supply to your size and specification.

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cr1 textures

100% Wool

£21 per sq mtr inc vat

Plains & stripes

cr16  100% wool

£33 per sq mtr inc vat

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50% wool cr3 naturals £17 per sq mtr inc vat

Malabar Averbury Living naturals

Textured surface loop pile

Wool blend carpets. A large selection in our showroom of all price ranges